Natural Ways to Treat Sore Throat

Pharyngitis is an inflammatory disease that attacks the throat or upstream of the esophagus. Sometimes also called sore throat. This inflammation can be caused by viruses or bacteria, due to weak endurance. Pharyngitis is usually caused by streptococcus bacteria. Antibiotic treatment is only effective if it is affected by bacteria. Wikipedia.

Inflammation of the throat is caused by many factors, including:

  1. Too much smoking
  2. Frequent rain
  3. Often stay up
  4. Frequent night winds
  5. Riding a motorcycle for a long time
  6. Take a cold shower at night
  7. Frequent sleepless nights do not use mattresses

That is the main cause of sore throat, so reduce the above habits.

The indications of sore throat are:

  1. Frequent coughing
  2. Body heat rises
  3. Headache
  4. The throat hurts

Those are the symptoms and indications of sore throat.

It is recommended for patients with the disease not to consume ice water, pepper and ginger, and avoid alcohol.

Treatment of strep throat can use a variety of ways, one of which is natural or traditional medicine, which is easily found around us:
Materials and methods of manufacture

  • 1 wuluh starfruit
  • 2 red onions (burned)
  • Two of the ingredients above are ground until smooth
  • Then the collision results are applied to the base of the neck
  • Do it repeatedly until sebuh

Besides the above methods there are other traditional ways, namely:

  • Gargle with warm water mixed with salt, do it 2 times in the morning and evening.
  • While during the day drinking tailor juice, do it after eating.

Thus the explanation of the causes, indications and natural treatment for sore throat disease. Hopefully we will always live a healthy lifestyle in order to stay healthy. May be useful.…

Solution For Children To Be A Courageous And Independent Person

Does your baby still not dare to go to school alone?

Are you still asking to go anywhere, even though you have reached the age of 8-9 years?

The above facts are the effects of:

Traumatic experience

This may be because the child has experienced something that made him afraid, treated harshly by people, followed by unknown people, met frightening animals, etc.

Frequently feared

Parents often scare children not to do things that parents think harm their children. Though actually this method is not recommended, because accidentally parents teach children to be afraid of something. For example, the child will go to play, because at that time the child should take a nap, then the mother scares like this: “Watch, you will be bitten by a cat or dog later.” Now that way actually only makes children afraid of cats and dogs.

The solution to the problem so that children do not become fearful anymore is by practicing child courage, the way is to tell that the outside world is not scary, even fun. Then take the kids for a walk around the housing and teach them how to socialize with the people around them. But for children who have experienced severe trauma, they should use the services of an expert person.

Besides that, parents also have to instill the methods below:

Perform Observation or Survey First

Make sure the environment that the child is going through is a safe environment. The distance is not too far away, a maximum of 2 km. Also note whether the road is crowded with vehicles or not, whether the road is polluted or not, around the river which is dangerous or not.

Equip Children with Regulations and Prohibitions

More precisely to the rules of general signs, such as teaching children to walk through the left lane, see right and left before crossing. Teach also to refuse when invited by unknown people. Immediately ask for help by shouting when someone is unknown and wants to invite by force.

Already Know Yourself Teak

Parents should release the child after the child knows his identity, who he is, who his parents are, knows the address of his home, the name of his parents, the name of the family member. this is to anticipate if the child gets lost later.

Don’t Let Children Invite Danger

The aim is not to invite danger. Valuable items in question are like jewelry, also do not wear children with open clothes. Teach to always be vigilant.

That is a guideline for parents to release their children to go alone. But for the record, you should not release children under the age of 7 years. It’s good at that age to always be accompanied by a parent or carer, even if you want to be taught to be brave, do it little by little, and continue to be watched even from a distance. Hopefully it will be useful for parents’ guidelines.…

How to Take Care of the Right Clothes

Clothing in life is something that cannot be separated. Clothing is a basic requirement for humans to protect themselves from heat, cold or from insect bites. But in modern times clothes or fashion are very used as lifestyle needs. Clothing is a necessity of life that is classified as special, this is because it does not expire quickly and last long. But if caring for it wrong, the clothes will be damaged quickly.

Here’s how to treat clothes properly and easily :

  • How to wash properly really affects the level of quality of clothes. Where the right way to wash is do not often tie it with a laundry brush, separate it with dark clothes, do not soak it for too long. Also separate the types of clothing made from knits and clothes that wear off. We recommend that you pay attention to the care label on the shirt.
  • For clothes that have stubborn stains, you should use bleach / stain remover that is environmentally friendly. This is so that the clothing material is not easily damaged and the color of the clothes does not fade.
  • For clothes that have already been stained with other clothing stains can be overcome by the following steps: Bring the water to the boil and then take the clothes that have been stained and continue to dip into the water being boiled until the stain is completely gone.
  • Washed clothes should not be dried in the sun. This will affect the clothes fade quickly and even if colored clothes are dried in the sun will be dappled. Good drying is by air.
  • When ironing clothes made from thin should separate with clothes that are made of thick like jeans. This is intended to avoid if we forget to reduce the heat of the iron after ironing clothes made from thick because thick clothing uses a high iron heat, while thin clothing uses a small or medium heat iron.
  • Use clothes at the right time and if you sleep, use special clothes. As long as we know clothes that often go to sleep will quickly break down.
  • Store clothes in a cupboard that is tightly closed to avoid clothing from the arrival of wild animals such as mice and cockroaches.

Those are the ways to care for clothes that are right and easy. May be useful.…

Tips for Using Safe Wet Wipes

Advanced technological advances can help alleviate human life. Including the discovery of wet wipes, the presence of wet wipes greatly helps the community, especially the mothers in caring for their baby. Wet wipes are very beneficial if we are traveling with our little one. We do not need to bother to often go down looking for water for its needs.

Besides being useful for your little one, wet tissue is also useful for adults in cleaning make up, for washing hands before eating, for cleaning equipment and also for cleaning glasses. Wet wipes are not only one type but in various brands and types. So for those who have a history of allergies can use certain ingredients to avoid these allergies.

Tips for using wet tissues that are safe for babies:

  • Choose wet wipes that are suitable for your needs.
  • Before using wet tissue, take the time to read etiquette. Especially about the ingredients used. Especially if our families belong to a group of sensitive individuals.
  • Take good care of baby’s skin. Use wet tissue products that are suitable for your skin type and age.
  • Use wet wipes for your baby’s skin to dry and clean.

That’s how to safely use wet wipes. May be useful.…

The Right Game For Babies 7-9 Months

Children are the hope of parents in the future, so happy parents often give something to please their children. Nothing but a toy to make her baby smile at the same time to stimulate development in her growth and development. But a difficult economy makes parents feel a little confused to buy it.

Actually there is no need for expensive toys to stimulate its development. Moreover, your toddler is 7-9 months old. This baby can be given a simple toy. Where these toddlers have been able to sit without help, have been able to crawl and also have been able to grasp well. The right toys to support their development are:

Toys Catch me

The way to play this type of toy is to give the mother a toy that doesn’t sound like a scarecrow or color blocks. Let your little one watch the toy for a while. Then put the sounding toys and can be pulled, try the toys that attract the attention of the child. After the child is interested and tries to take it, pull the toy away. The little one can catch the toy after crawling. This may be a little difficult for your child, your job as a mother is to help him patiently and gently.

Why should toys be given like that?

My catching toys have the following objectives:

  • To stimulate the sensitivity of hearing your toddler.
  • In order for his crawling movements to be trained.
  • Because toys cannot be lifted, the child will automatically sit. Well, this method can train children to get used to sitting alone because your little one can rest and hold on to the toy when your child sits down.

Toys in the form of stacking glasses.

This game is quite simple, it uses plastic cups of different sizes, different shapes and different colors. The biggest glass is octagonal, then the smaller one is circular, then square and so on. Give the glass separately. Teach your child to pile up, if the difficulties of the mother’s tasks help her occasionally.

This toy has the purpose:

  • Stacking glasses can stimulate children’s intelligence.
  • Arranging glass can stimulate a child’s auditory sensitivity and can provide awareness of commands.
  • Plastic cups of various sizes and colors can stimulate the sensitivity of the sense of touch and the child’s vision.

That is a kind of simple toy that can stimulate your baby’s growth. May be useful.…

Things To Do If Children Have Difficulties To Socialize

In social life the most important thing is how we socialize with fellow people around us.

Socializing is not only us adults but also for toddlers. Where socialization of education programs from an early age to train them so that later adults can socialize well to the environment around where he lives. How to socialize toddlers is certainly different from how to socialize us adults where toddlers how to socialize through playing.

Most toddlers prefer playing with older children. Even though the toddler doesn’t know the rules of the game but he doesn’t care because he feels quite happy to be able to join in playing with a bigger child. This is an example of toddlers socializing to older children. For that early childhood socializing intelligence is important to do children. But if the child feels difficulties, the things that need to be done to help children socialize are:

Give him a chance

Most parents close the opportunity for their children to play with their friends because of a number of reasons, for example, they are considered small and various other fears such as: fear of their children falling, sweating, quarreling, fighting and so on. Such events are very natural for children, we as parents simply monitor and advise as long as they are still at a reasonable level. In this way, the child can reap a variety of experiences from the incident and learn how this does not happen again.

Give examples of how to socialize properly

The first socializing education is from families, especially mothers. For that we as parents need to be a role model for the baby. The example starts with greeting the people we meet / meet, introducing ourselves when meeting new friends, what needs to be asked to new friends, how to greet older people and so on. Initially the child may be a little shy, but still be patient, continue to give enthusiasm and understanding the importance of socializing slowly the child will understand.

Trigger children to socialize

Children with each other certainly have different characters, some like to play with their friends and some do not want to play with friends (like playing alone or with their parents). The task of parents is to persuade him, take him to the playground and let him watch the fun there.

Initially maybe less interested, but over time the child will certainly interest.

Invite children to crowded places

Children who often play in the house are generally less able to get along when meeting friends. For this reason, you often invite children to crowded places such as playing in the neighborhood with other children in their association, for example, in the afternoon most children carry out afternoon activities, invite children to join other than that, invite children to playgrounds, malls and so on. . It aims to train children to get used to crowded places.

Now that’s a few steps parents need to take in helping children socialize. May be useful.…