Tips for Finding Shoes for Children Who Are Walking

Children who are just learning to walk or have been able to walk even though they are still shaking left and right, also need special attention. Giving him any shoes can cause foot damage later on.

Shoes that fit on the feet (not too big or too small), are highly recommended from harga promo so that growth is not disturbed.

The following tips on choosing shoes for your toddler:

  • Look for shoe models that are easy to use and loose even though some experts consider shoes like booting more appropriate because children’s feet are not easy to get out (although it is rather troublesome for parents when wearing / releasing).
  • Also pay attention to the weight or lightness of the shoes. If it is too heavy, it makes it difficult for the child to step or lift his legs while he is just learning to walk. Do not just because the shoes are too heavy, the child becomes lazy to walk.
  • Look for shoes with anti-slip pads so that children don’t slip easily. To be safe you can get more info from hargapromosupermarket.
  • Look for shoes whose surface is striped or wavy (not flat at all) so that your little one doesn’t slip easily.
  • If you want to buy formal shoes from leather with a slippery base, stick the tape or solvent on the base so that it is not too slippery.
  • Choose a shoe model with a wide front. Avoid shoes with pointed and narrowed edges because it will make the child’s feet and fingers hurt and cannot move freely.
  • Also note the back (heel). Wherever possible, look for a sturdy or padded one so that your child’s back legs don’t come out easily.
  • Look at the shoe material, experts prefer shoes with leather material (for the upper part) or canvas. Plastic shoes and imitation leather are not recommended because they make it difficult for the legs to breathe and can not reduce moisture.
  • For the model and color of shoes it may not be noticed by children aged 12-15 months. Another case with children who are somewhat larger, the model and color have special meaning for them. For that, look for cheerful colors and attractive design motifs. Accents in the form of pictures of animals or their favorite cartoon characters, usually kids like.

For health you should give your child the chance to be barefoot. For example, walking in the yard (if it doesn’t work) or when you invite him to walk along the beach. This is healthy for him.

That’s the tips for choosing shoes for your toddler. May be useful and you can visit more info at

Lifestyle Causes Cholesterol

Increasing public welfare results in increased consumption of foods with high cholesterol levels. Adjusting the amount of food that enters the body early is better than suddenly cholesterol in the blood increases without us knowing it. This is usually characterized by dizziness after we consume high cholesterol foods.

High cholesterol levels or exceeding the specified amount are starting to worry many people. Because the increase in blood cholesterol levels means disturbing blood vessels like constriction. Excess cholesterol levels cause accumulation of cholesterol in the blood. The blood vessels will narrow and even blockages can occur. When narrowing occurs in the blood vessels of the brain can lead to strokes, whereas if it occurs in the heart blood mcfol vessels will cause coronary heart disease which is better known as cardiovascular.

If this cardiovascular attack is still mild, the sufferer can still be cured one hundred percent. But if the attack on a vulnerable place can result in death or disability for life. Mild attacks generally cause pain in the organ that is attacked.

High cholesterol foods include beef, pure milk, fatty cheese, pie, mcfol, biscuits, hard margarine, chocolate, lard and chicken, coconut oil, cream and so on.

Those at risk for high cholesterol are:

  • Someone who has diabetes.
  • Smokers weigh up to 15 cigarettes per day.
  • Like to eat meat but don’t like vegetables.
  • Those who have had high blood pressure-lowering drugs.
  • If parents or siblings show signs of suffering from cardiovascular disease, then the possibility of other family members also having high cholesterol mcfol levels.

Reducing cholesterol levels in the body in the following ways:

  • Balancing the diet between fresh vegetables and fruit. Avoid consuming excessive meat.
  • Choose snacks in the form of fruit, mcfol, and reduce biscuits or cakes.
  • Regular exercise so that excess cholesterol in the blood burns.
  • Avoid foods that contain chemicals, preservatives or excessive sugar.
  • Drink a glass of water when you wake up and 5-10 minutes before going to bed.
  • Do not smoke.

That is the danger of cholesterol delivered due to lifestyle. Hopefully this information is useful for you and your family.…

Natural Ways to Treat Chronic Sinusitis

The rainy season as it is today has many benefits but it can also have negative effects on health, one of the diseases that often appear when the rainy season is influenza.

The flu can usually be cured with ordinary medicines that we can stall around. But if the flu has been prolonged or chronic it is not a common cold but sinusitis.

Sinusitis usually resolves after treatment but may recur again. If sinusitis recurs, the eyes will itch, the head becomes dizzy and the nose becomes congested. If you are already like that sinusitis sufferers are advised not to go out at night, do not get exposed to cold air, and also rain water. If bathing for sinusitis sufferers try not too early or not too late. Don’t drink ice, avoid smoking or stay away from cigarette smoke because it worsens sinusitis itself.

The natural ways that we can try to treat chronic sinusitis are as follows:

Traditional Sinusitis medicine


  • Red Emprit Ginger (two fingers)
  • Lemongrass is taken under the stem (1 stick)
  • Pala (¼ biji)
  • Kaffir lime leaves (5 sheets)
  • Steamed (7 seeds)
  • Cloves (7 seeds)
  • Cinnamon (one finger)
  • Palm sugar (250 grams)

How to make:

Ginger is burned a few minutes as long as you don’t burn it then peel it, wash it and spread it, boil it with other ingredients with 4 cups of water. After remaining half or approximately two more glasses, lifted and filtered. Drink boiled ½ cup three times a day. If relapse of sinusitis can be taken again.

That’s the natural way to treat chronic sinusitis. In addition to consuming the traditional medicine above, when you get sinusitis, you also have to avoid all taboos that will worsen sinusitis itself. Get well soon.…

Understanding Kefir and its benefits

For some people, they may not understand about kefir. Kefir is almost the same as yogurt which is thick and has a slightly sour taste. Maybe this is because the manufacturing process is different. In the yogurt fermentation process, the bacteria used are bifidobacterium bacteria and streptococcus thermophillus bulgaricus and other bacteria. While kefir is made using kefir seeds containing streptococci and lactobacilli bacteria.

The way to make it is fresh milk, preheat it at a temperature of 85-90 degrees Celsius, then put it in a glass container and let it sit until it reaches room temperature (25-28 degrees Celsius). Then enter the kefir seeds into the milk and leave it overnight for around 20-24 hours. Fermentation from kefir seeds will produce milk that forms clots. After that, the lumps are filtered so that the kefir seeds with kefir drinks are ready to drink separately. If not taken directly, this drink should be stored in a refrigerator (but it is recommended to store only for a maximum of 3 days).

The benefits of the kefir include:

  • Suppresses the growth of bad bacteria in the digestive system so it is
  • very good for dealing with digestive problems.
  • Lowers cholesterol.
  • Prevent cancer or tumors.
  • Helps people with lactose intolerance to get nutritional benefits from milk, because in fermented milk such as kefir, lactose is already broken down.

Besides being rich in benefits, making milk into kefir is one way to preserve milk so it doesn’t break quickly. You can also be creative by making various flavors of kefir. Good luck and hopefully useful.…

Current Tips for Doing Written Tests

At the end of each semester school children will be faced with final semester examinations. Where it is used to measure the extent of a student’s ability in a certain period of time. The success of answering the questions in this joint test can be interpreted as the success of the student concerned in learning.

Even though they have learned regularly, sometimes the results can not be encouraging. Even though the instructions for effective learning methods etc. have been carried out. If this is the case, it is better to follow the following tips:

  • Come earlier than the specified time. Maybe there are many things you can do while waiting for the bell to enter. The most important thing is not to hurry by arriving early.
  • Be calm while waiting for the door to enter. If necessary, discuss the material that will be submitted with a friend. As far as possible avoid feeling nervous.
  • Bring the necessary tools completely. If there is something incomplete, it is immediately possible to borrow or buy. That is another benefit of arriving early.
  • Enter the room in an orderly manner, and sit quietly according to the test number, while waiting for the question.
  • Read the instructions for working on the questions carefully, and listen for additional explanations given by the teacher and supervisor. If there is one who is unclear, ask directly to the teacher or supervisor concerned, not with friends.
  • Pay attention to the time available to work on questions that we consider easy, then work on the questions that are considered difficult. So don’t stick to the sequence of questions.
  • Do it confidently, don’t be influenced by friends. Suppose the answer you made is the most correct.
  • Try to overcome panic, because panic can make you forget the material you have learned at home. for that try to shut up, and take a deep breath.
  • Don’t be affected by friends who have finished first. Take advantage of the best time does not need to be rushed, if indeed the time is still long.
  • Review the work before de submitting it to the supervisor. If there is time left, check the answer once again, maybe there is an answer that even though it is perfected, is reduced or added.
  • Try to make the writing clear, the writing is unclear even though it is really blamed because the researcher does not understand. And read the questions carefully.

Those are tips to be fluent in doing written tests and can get satisfying grades. May be useful.…

Tips for Choosing Eggs

There seems to be no food that is easier to obtain than eggs. How to process it is also relatively easy. So do not be surprised if the eggs are eaten by people throughout the day. from for breakfast, lunch menu until the evening menu is always ok. Eggs are also prepared for snacks and other types of preparations. Before processing it into a variety of dishes, it would be good to identify the eggs inside.

Many mothers always provide eggs at home because the eggs are practical and easy to process. Besides that eggs are the saviors of mothers when they wake up late and when they are reluctant to cook because they run out of ideas. By way of an omelet or a team that is filled with vegetables and meat, it is enough to consume as a food menu. Fortunately, many eggs have benefits for the body. Eggs contain almost all vitamins and minerals that the body needs. And no less important is the affordable price.

The majority of people think that prime quality eggs are new eggs. Even though according to experts, new eggs are of high quality and taste good after 3 days. and eggs are still safe to consume for up to 2 weeks. Even if stored in the egg refrigerator can last up to 3 weeks.

A simple and practical way to process eggs is by frying which is usually called in ceplok (egg of a cow’s eye) and boiling it. To make ceplok eggs is not always fried, for health you can boil them by breaking the eggs and putting them in boiling water. So that the eggs do not spread (collect) add a little vinegar in the water.

In addition to boiled eggs, enough eggs have been liked by many people. Even half-cooked can be eaten and it tastes good too. to produce a half-cooked egg is not always boiled, by placing eggs in a closed pan containing boiling water in 15 minutes even the eggs can be eaten.

To get the white egg hard, but the yellow is still a bit runny, you can boil it for 3 minutes. The egg is inserted when the water is still cold. So eggs and water are boiled together. After 4 minutes the edge of the egg yolk starts to harden a bit, but the middle part is still a bit wet. If you want a slightly wet egg yolk, boil for 6 minutes. After 10 minutes the eggs are not yet fully cooked but are nearing maturity and the eggs can be said to be perfectly cooked if after boiling for 12 minutes.

Another simple way is by means of omelette or made an omelette that the ingredients or contents can vary. No need to hesitate to include various spices because of any ingredients if the eggs will taste good.

That’s the tips for choosing and processing eggs in a simple way. May be useful for this information.…

Fresh Cendol Drinks are Perfect for Fasting

Bored with the fruit ice, that’s all to start opening savory? Try changing with cendol to make a varied drink.

Here’s a simple recipe for ice cendol that can be made at home:

Material required

  • 120 grams of green bean flour (hunkwe).
  • 3 cups of water (750 cc of water).
  • Salt to taste.
  • Coloring to taste.
  • Syrup ingredients
  • 4 brown sugar bars
  • 1 glass of water
  • 2 cups coconut milk
  • Salt to taste.

How to make

  • Mix water, green bean flour and coloring. Mix well and cook over low heat while continuing to stir with a wooden spoon until thick
  • Prepare a cendol mold on top of a basin of cooked cold water. Place a little cendol mixture on the cendol filter. Press with a large spoon until the mixture drops through the filter hole, falling into the water in the basin. Do it until the dough runs out.
  • If the mixture has begun to harden, cook again on the fire while adding a little water.
  • To make syrup. Cook with red sugar with water, and pandan leaves until boiling and dissolve sugar. In other pancakes, cook the coconut milk with some salt and pandanus. During cooking, mix the coconut milk so as not to break.
  • How to serve, put cendol in a glass, pour liquid brown sugar and coconut milk. Add ice cubes.

So how to process cendol to be used as an opening drink when breaking fast. May be useful.…

Tapak Dara Can Prevent Various Diseases

Besides the beautiful appearance of the virgin, it also keeps the secret of alternative medicine. The results of expert research show that there are 4 substances in the tread virginity that can be utilized:

  • Vinblasine, it can be utilized in the treatment of leukemia.
  • Vincristine, besides being used in the treatment of leukemia, also breast cancer, and other malignant tumors.
  • Vindensine, used in the treatment of leukemia in children, and patients with pigment tumors.
  • Vinorelbine, often used as a treatment ingredient to prevent gland division.

The recipes are as follows:

  • Provide 22 leaves of tread dara, pulosari bark, and fennel fruit.
  • Wash thoroughly, then boil in 3 cups of clean water.
  • Add enough brown sugar and let it simmer until later it is half.
  • After cold, strain, then drink. Do it 3 times a day, every time you drink as much as half a glass. Drink for a month.

In addition to breast cancer, some of the benefits of virginia for treatment include:


Take 4 pistils of virgin flowers, wash them, then soak them in five glasses of water. Let it boil until only half is left. After cold, strain, and drink twice a day.


Collect 10-16 leaflets, then boil in three cups of water. Let it boil, until the rest is a glass. After cold, filter and drink.

Asthma and bronchitis

Use a piece of brood root, then boil it in five cups of water. Let it boil until only half is left. After cold, strain and drink twice a day.

Kidney stones

Take a handful of tread leaves, wash them, then boil them in three cups of water until the water is half left. Drink twice a day.


Prepare about 15-20 grams of dried tread leaves and 10 grams of christ flowers. Boil both in 2 and a half cups of water until boiling. After cold, strain, then drink. Usually drink before bed.


Prepare 20-25 grams of dry virgin leaflets, as well as fennel. Boil in a liter of water, and let it boil until half the remaining. Once cool, strain. Drink twice daily.

Trembling hands

Take five sheets and tread the virgin, then brew with a glass of hot water. after cold, strain and drink twice a day.

That is the benefit of virginity for health. Hopefully useful for you and your family.…

Benefits of Shallot For Fever to Scraping

In addition to being a seasoning, red onion can also be used for the health sector. Where onion has medicinal properties. Because every 100 grams of red onion bulbs contain 39 cal calories, 1.5 grams of protein, 0.3 grams of charcoal hydrate, 0.2 grams of fat, 36 mg of calcium, 40 mg of phosphorus, 0.8 mg of iron, 0.03 mg of vitamin Bruce, 2 grams of vitamin Carter, and 88 grams of water.

In addition to the above content, shallots also contain amino acid chemicals that are odorless, colorless, but easily soluble in water. This amino acid bond as alliin. Because the influence of another enzyme alliin can also be transformed into a substance containing sulfur called allicin. With B1 (thiamin), alliicin forms a chemical bond called allithiamine. The chemical bond is more easily absorbed by the human body than vitamin B1 itself. With this content, red onion is suitable to be used as traditional medicines.

The following are the benefits of onion for health:

To overcome coughing

Grab 3 shallots, grate and add with lemon juice and coconut oil to taste. Stir well and apply on the neck and chest.

If it catches a cold

Prepare 8 bulbs of onion, wash and mash until smooth. Then squeeze with whiting water. Rub on the spine, neck, stomach and legs.

For hypertension

Take 30 gr of red onion and blender with enough water. Add honey, then drink it.

If fever

Take enough red onion, then pulverize until smooth. After that the red onion spread on the whole body.

For scrapings

Take 2 onion basins and crush until smooth. After that, stir on shallots in the whole body.

To overcome the swollen breasts

Provide enough shallots, then wash, and rinse with warm, clean water. After that, mash the shallots. How to use it is to lubricate the onion all over the affected breast, but not to the nipple. It should be noted that breast inflammation usually occurs around 1-2 weeks after giving birth. The causes include congestion of the ducts, or large amounts of milk but the discharge is not smooth. The causes include being infected with germs which are infected by the baby when sucking, or exposed to germs from clothes and dirty bra. Symptoms of mastitis are seen in breast swelling and are hard, hot, painful when touched, and the color is reddish, followed by fever or fever.

That is the benefit of onion that can be used as a medicine. Hopefully useful for you and your family.…

Negative Impact of Using Octopus in Babies

Babies are generally very familiar with this one item, but do you know that the use of octopus can cause harm to the baby? Among others:

Babies Feel Short

This is due to the use of octopuses that are constantly binding on the baby’s body.

Inhibiting the Respiratory Process

This is due to the use of octopus which is loosened so that it can be rolled up and cause the breathing process to be blocked.

That is the loss that can occur due to the use of octopus for babies, therefore wise in doing for the baby.

By reason of fearing that their children might catch a cold, sometimes the mother wears the octopus tightly, even though it is wrong, it is better to use two clothes at the same time (one buttoned behind, one shirt buttoned in front). In this way, Abyi will also feel warm but still normal.

There is also the assumption that babies who do not use octopus can cause the navel to become dull. Even though this is very untrue, because children are ignorant due to the mistakes of doctors and midwives who handle the birth process. to overcome the protruding belly button, you can use a cloth tied above the navel (such as wearing a belt). This method is safer for the baby.

Babies do some time after birth, the stomach resembles a frog, which extends to the side, but using the octopus does not necessarily make the baby’s stomach better.

That is the loss that can be caused by the use of octopuses in infants. So from now on, immediately think again to use octopus in your baby. May be useful.…